$1.2 Million in Scholarship Funds Since 2003

100 Black Men of Greater Orlando, Inc. Project Success program focuses on developing young men and women.
100 Black Men of Greater Orlando claim a failing school — and then turn it around!
From freshman year to high school graduation & beyond; Project Success helps Jones High School students excel.
Academic Development

Teaches and strengthens students academically in areas of study skills, goal setting, career exploration, and College Preparation. Students will be trained in the areas of Public Speaking, Social and Political Consciousness.

Written Reports

Grade specific topics such as your career choice(s) and what skills are required to be successful in your choice. Scored on 20 point general reflection rubric based on quality, clarity, organization and more.

Social Development

Engages the participants in diverse social settings. Participants will be exposed to national and local historical prospective, etiquette training, current events, community forums and leisure activities.

Suggested Reading List

African American Classics new and old, tailored to each individual grade. Designed to give students perspective on a variety of topics from politics, finance, history and more.

Personal Development

Teaches communication skills, conflict resolution, personal accountability, responsibility, self discipline, time management, health and hygiene.


Group & individual presentations on suggested reading topics and written reports throughout the year; As well as current event presentations each month. Used to test students overall comprehension of topics covered.


Student Commitment

Attention is given to the principles of Academic, Social and Personal Development through participation in monthly educational modules, field trips, community forums, exposure to successful professionals and community leaders including members of 100 Black Men of Orlando, Inc. Students in this program are required to actively participate in all aspects of the program.

Program Overview